A Guide to Finding the Right Aviation Equipment Supplier

If you’re looking for aviation equipment, you may have difficulties finding the right type of supplier that will meet your demands. We at Start Pac understand these issues, which is why we have created a guide to showcase how you can go about finding the right supplier that will fit your needs and budget.

Start With Price Comparisons

 Nothing beats finding a good deal. Heck, we love scouring the web to find a solid deal that just can’t be beat. Now, when it comes to lithium ground support equipment for example, you may not be able to find as many results as computer equipment per say. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t find any good deals at all. As a matter of fact, many companies will price match, meaning they will lower their current price to whatever price you have found on another company’s website. It’s something that’s worth trying, especially if you’ve found a company that’s trustworthy and has seen many loyal customers.

Suppliers Need to Know Their Stuff

 As important as it is for you to find the type of ground power unit for your aircraft, it’s also equally important for you to ensure that the supplier knows his equipment.

If you’re concerned about voltage drop for example, you’ll want to make sure that your unit won’t suffer from inconsistent power delivery during the process. This is where their customer service line should flourish. If they don’t know all the specifics about the unit itself, you should be wary of doing business with them regardless of the prices. Your turbine starting process could end up being a huge flaming mess in the end if you’ve purchased a dud.

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