How to Safely and Effectively Change the Parameters on Your GPU

Summary: Ground power units and related aviation equipment require maintenance and configuration prior to using.

In order to ensure that your ground power unit is running at optimal capacity, it’s crucial that you keep an eye out on the generator component of the unit. If the GPU’s output is not set at the exact specifications, the aircraft will reject the unit, therefore nullifying the power source.

Examples of GPU Types

 Some of the more common types of lithium ground support equipment units are known to put at 120V AC at 60Hz. Note that most of these units are meant for commercial aircrafts. The generator will essentially have a 90VA rating for a single cable unit along with a 120KVA (or more) rating for a multiple cable system. Both components will operate at 400Hz, which will match the aircraft engine’s generator and engine RPM.

Adjusting Parameters

 The generator’s parameters can be adjusted by the user fairly easily. Simply lowering the engine RPM will result in the frequency being set to the appropriate level. Now, since the setting needs to be 400Hz or minus 5Hz, the aircraft will not accept any levels outside of these parameters. This is why it’s crucial that before you operate at any level – turbine starting, engine preset, etc. – you maintain your generator and adjust it as needed.

The Bottom Line

 By adjusting the parameters, and the voltage if applicable, will allow your ground power unit to function at maximum capacity. At Start Pac, we know how important it is to perform the correct sequences prior to starting your GPU, which is why we created this guide to help you get started.

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