Proper And Natural Baldness Cure For You!

Have you ever worry with your hair will going bald overtime? You might worry that you become bald and make your appearance less attractive than before. But, did you know that you are able to stop your hair from baldness by using natural way? You can try a natural remedy, oil treatment, green tea rinse, lean protein in your diet and ensure to reduce stress level. Today, i will provide you a step by step guide on how to stop hair loss naturally and find baldness cure in easy ways and ensure that you wont get baldness.

The first step is using topical treatment for your scalp and hair. You might need to use essential oiles then combine with a scalp massages. By doing massage, your blood circulation on your scalp will run smoothlty and will make your hair follicles active. Make sure to massage your scalp everyday by hand for a couple of minutes. Another way is by using egg oil 2-3 times a week to prevent hairfall and graying. Another way is by garlic juice, onion juice, or ginger juice, use only 1 kind of these juice and leave the juice on your scalp overnight.

Green tea is also believed to be able prevent hair loss because of the anti-oxidants. You can use green tea by brew 2 bags of green tea, let them sit and then apply the green tea to your hair. After that you can rinse your hair thoroughly.

The next step is change your lifestyle to improve your hair growth. You will need to include more high protein foods in your diet. Make sure to eat lean meats, fish, soy, or other protein and food that have vitamin B-12. Reduce stress and make sure to get exercise to lower your stress level. This way, you will be able to improve your hair growth and avoid baldness.

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